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"L O L O L O, white America..."  --Kanye West

Maybe not the best way for PCD to get the whole world's attention, but if you know that song, Kanye West, and PCD, attention getting isn't what we came here to do.  Well, strictly white America attention getting, that is.  
Since I haven't been here in a while, I have a lot of catching up to do as much has happened in the entertainment world.  
Some time ago, the 'entertainment world' was owned, run and referenced entirely to celebrities.  Yes, social-celeb-utants are still amongst us delegating the who's-what's-and-when's of style, incessantly trailed by papparazzi and the demanding public eye.  We will always crave and look to what most of us can't have, but I am here to say, it's people like you, me and Kanye West who wish to make it that much more accessable.
I once had a conversation with my Aunt Nora, a seasoned, long-time seamstress located in Fort Worth who first introduced and later taught me how to sew.  Long before I picked up a needle and thread, I was always excited to visit Nora in her high-end, specialty boutique to see the newest local fads and hear stories of who brought in what.  Often times, clients would leave price tags on the garments, and don't you know, this encouraged more storytelling, if not judgement for the ol' "You paid that much for that?!"  Later, there was a point of recognition--the ol' "I can make that." notion that lead me to try my hand at making, which is where the aforementioned exchange was made.  

I explained my interest in creating pieces of quality, affordability and uniqueness emphasizing the importance of "different."  She wasn't as moved by my admission of interest as I'd hoped and honestly didn't offer up much encouragement, but did say "Yeah.  It's all been done before."  
I remember feeling dejected, defeated, and completely wasted as I had not even begun and was already being shut down!  
I don't remember defending myself with a finite explanation of what would make me different, but do know now that anymore, we all need one.  It doesn't have to be verbalized or even well received, but does have to be entirely realized by the bearer in order to be recognized as not "been done before."  
That's what makes today's entertainment work:  Pinterest, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter all have set out to pave and engage a course all their own and have more than succeeded.  They've revolutionized.  
Keep in mind, your entertainment doesn't have to be on such a grand scale.  Most often, simply knowing your audience or solving a problem even if it is your own, aids others in doing the same.  
Check out my current modus operandi of said resources for tips to revolutionize--or at least aid in your own revolution.


Postscript:  I wrote that early in the week but was unsure how to end it, or if it was even worth posting, so I had to walk away.  Oddly enough, I walked right into this song.  
Everything's Been Done Before




jump on it

Awards season is upon us. Well, actually it's up on us, as in already here and so succeeds (naturally) my top Five Picks for Best Dressed, Golden Globes 2012. While there were some definite misses (huH?! Sarah Michelle Gellar) and 'been there, done that' copycats, the following is a list of fresh frocks and in turn, fresh and feeling it faces.

Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci

Wow. Just wow. While this dress by Gucci very well could have walked itself on and off the red carpet, ERW scored big in this number attending the GG's for The Ides of March. While I wish the actress and her bust had a bit more to offer, I really shouldn't dog the mere accomplishment in snagging this piece and undoubted millinia of manpower in creating this work of art. Big up's on that one, ERW, and I'm not jealous AT ALL you also snagged my boyfriend --I-don't-even-care-if-it-was-your-job!

Emma Stone in Lanvin

I have to be honest on this one: I wasn't instantly taken aback by this snapshot, but upon further review, I need to get my eyes checked! A soft pink palette complexion, piercing blue eyes, and personality plus for days, all E. Stone does is win, win, win. (To further argue the defense, I've never seen her look bad.) I will say, the most intriguing and unexpected detail of this dress is the belt! A hint of shine, the reinforcement of youth and stature--Emma Stone's already been here. She's just sayin' she's not going anywhere. ..I'm also not mad at you EStone for jumping my boyfriend's bones in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Lea Michelle in Marchesa

This mega-Marchesa also could have slinky-ed on and off the carpet. I loved this dress for the liquid-like depth and perception it brought the eye, obvious craftsmanship, and confidence Lea Michelle works in all her gowns as she is often a best dressed. To my knowledge, she hasn't done it with my boyfriend and I'd like to keep it that way, LM. You hear me?!?

(Nonetheless, insert requisite Hot RG picture)

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

Fortunate for the fishtail gown (and the leering public eye), this fashion has been scooped up and owned by some of H town's hottest Latin ladies. Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek and now Sofia Vergara work these curves like no else can. This Vera Wang option is quite unique given the many facets in the tail. I would have liked to see a little more effort with her hair as this straight, over the shoulder is a daily look, but past the curves, no one seems to notice or care.

Zooey Deschanel in Prada

Zooey Deschanel is famous for marrying (and divorcing) Ben Gibbard, lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie, releasing this amazingly sweet New Years Eve video she made with dreamboat Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and an incessant supply of short, shift/cocktail/tea length dresses. Whatever her reasoning for the plus and minus of all the above, I like it! The fresh lime green and black combo, detail cutouts, topped by her trademark voluminous do' display a natural growth pattern and I can't wait to see what other changes she has in mind.

Check out my Pinterest boards for more PCD style likes and check back for more red carpet picks. Until then, I have but one question:

"Is Ryan going to be there?!?"



"Good evening, and welcome to the last post of 2011."

Ha! How timely is that?!

Aight, so, yesterday, I realized I need to write some mo'. Some people have told me I need to write some mo'--er, I might have even made that up in my own mind as well, but from what I understand,
1. You just gotta do it,
2. Practice makes for better posts,
3. I think we spend entirely too much time making others happy when, when we ourselves are happy and satisfied, so is your whole world bc they don't have to deal w your 'un-happy' shit.

At times, I've racked my little brain over "What do my two RANDOM readers (and two best friends who read:) want to see when they Stumble Upon my blog??" Most likely they are looking for a specific outfit, outing, dress or address to a dress, and sometimes I realize/remember 'I can do that! I can so do that!' And that makes me happy.
I'm looking to speak to a specific reader, and if that ain't you, gettastepin'.

Now, what do I talk about now that I cleared the room...?
Oh, yeah! And if you don't step like this, ---that's cool.


hostess with the mostest

"Good evening, and welcome to the First Post of 2011." (That was to be read in your favourite awards show host voice--my pick would be Jimmy Fallon.)

While I would love to continue on with the ceremonious introduction of agenda, guest stars, and one-liners, it's late and admittedly, PCD is tired. There is one thing, however, I wanted to relay besides a gaggle of new information I have recently been refreshed on.

There's a long and short side of it--but basically, PCD got a new j-o-b! PCD got a really neat and exciting new j-o-b, and unfortunately, PCD isn't quite comfortable nor at liberty to go into detail about said job, but just know, she gets to wear more than a baby doll t-shirt to work now. She gets to entertain prominent and professional city 'celebs' while representing and relaying first-hand information on behalf the most recognizable public entity in her great state... It's big shoes to fill, and while indeed new stomping ground for PCD, it should come as no surprise to Secret Employer I do love shoes. And stomping about.
Ok, ok. A brief/rough draft outline of a couple topics I want to address in coming posts:

1. PCD's Monday-Friday Outfit 'Planning' Theory

2. Learning the Hard Way: Defining What IS An Appropriate Wardrobe For Work

3. (Reading &) Translating How to Win Friends & Influence People into your closet

4. *Don't Forget About Your Favourite Song Because The Answer To All Your Issues Can Be As Catchy As That.

--*That last one is a teaser to myself for my next post!

In the words of AbsolutelyRachel: "Yayayayayayay!"


loosen up your buttons, babe

I am often asked "Wherever did you find that?!" of my unique, one of a kind pieces. I have a saying, "There can only be one. And it has to be mine." Such treasures come via endless searching, as my mother would say, "A 'gettin' place...", and pure happenstance. If you find yourself rather endlessly unlucky, do not fret. A less than special blacket can go chic with one interchange: buttons.

A simple search and score at your local craft store, a needle, thread and thirty minutes of your time is all you need. (left, Set of three found at Joann Fabric, $2.09)

Tres Chic Bonus Points: Go green with ebay! (After all, you are recycling!) King of unique and one-of-a kind pieces, and often times, the price is so right. (right, 24 pcs. $.99)

Indeed, buttons and more importantly button holes come in different sizes. Before you fall hard for something that won't work, measure the area or simply compare (or be aware) what you're looking for.

Thirty minutes of your time. Check out this how-to video for those that don't believe me. (Video less than three minutes :)


Happy Fall, Y'all!

I've been sporting blazers, jackets and the like forever. They are my crack. My addiction. My favourite thing of Fall. It seems as if no two are the same. The cut can change, the hang, the collar, the colour, the accessories; blazers/jackets--should we call them "blackets"??, can make an outfit--be all you need to toss on when walking out the door.
If you'll notice the clean sillouette of my samples; look for creams and camels and a special piece that pops of colour.


quick look: loving layers

I am loving this Vivienne Westwood shirt-dress ($565). It hits sophisticated prepster notes yet allows for a feminine touch. While it is an original and one of a kind, a re-creation is doable. I've shown shirt/top options but do go all the way if you are able to find appropriate dresses.

"Starting Over, Yet Again"

I'm not sure what you want to hear, dear reader. That I am super regretful I have not posted in such a long while? How I have in fact, composed a few posts (which I like to call 'composting'--) except that I never actually get far enough to hit the post button for you to read it...!? Or explain that there are many conditions to which I write: Good music flowing in my ears, ample time and energy to research, absorb, and regurgitate, and of course fresh and fevering style. As Michael Ventura writes in his column, Letters at 3 A.M.: Beginnings, "You don't write for yourself. You write to communicate something to someone worth talking to." And so, if it weren't for or in spite of all of these things, a half-ass post just wouldn't be my style.

So there's inspiration, compilation, termination--sometimes the piece is just shit; self doubt and remorse for time wasted, the empty calories that entertained along the way--and those guys can be long term. Some 500-words and re-writes later, (and hours! Oh, you hours) it starts to make sense.

I would say the same of people and experiences. Sometimes you're not sure of someone or something and there's no time to figure it out, so you just do it. Or you don't and all you're left with is wondering what might have been. There's the first time you meet, the moments shared learning one another and then comes the decision of how's it going to be. If it's not what you want, inevitably comes the 3 A.M. combo kick of self doubt-remorse-and why did I just eat that bag of chips?!
"I could not understand and admit that I was terrified," Ventura writes. "Not of failure. Of exposure."
I decided a long time ago I wouldn't let those I love walk away without knowing so. I think the hardest part is allowing these things in and out and of course, sharing the sentiment. There are many ways to do this but my favourite, and most baring, is with a Pretty Cheap Dress.

Thank you for reading, for your kind and encouraging words, and continued support! I love you! I do! I do! I do! -



Oh, snap!

I'm still here!
Oh, snap!
Everything I like ends up selling out!
Oh, snap!
Look what I saw!

Oh, you better snap it up!



What Would Frida Kahlo Do?

Ok, whew, I have to breathe now.
This is video is courtesy this source. (I have to give credit where credit's due, yes?) And while I empathize with a genuine fear of snakes, you have to give it to Mrs. Salma Hayek-Pinault for rising above (literally) any limitations a pair of stacked heals would have when encountering said snake.

Maybe the saying should be "How many people can Maya Rudolph hold on her leg?"


PCD Goes to the Beach

Whoo hoo!
Don't you just want to yell out whoo hoo! sometimes?! The first whoo hoo! is because I have the day off! The second whoo hoo! is because my momma blessed me with great hair. If it weren't for the fact that a brush must touch my head for normal hygienic maintenance, I'm not kidding when I say, it wouldn't need it. (I had a guy once say "It's not fair. Your hair is like, perfect." And yes, he is/was straight.) The third whoo hoo!, is I have been inspired to write and have a great post topic. Now it's your turn to whoo hoo!
As you know, here I am. I am here. I finally broke down my moving boxes, so I guess this means I am staying here.
For the lazy clickers, Austin has always been my getaway, vay-cay town, so you must understand, I have been in no hurry to wear it out as I have opted to let the city happen to me and therefore have only been out a handful of times.
On an early outing, I somehow recognized the backside of a friend walking downtown, and sure enough it was. (Mind you, I know four people in this city.)
On my next outing, a solo movie jaunt (I wanted to see Hot Tub Time Machine, damnit!), I recognized a kickball team mate while standing in line.
And en route to girls brunch, a friend and I realized we were talking about the same person, who so happened to be at brunch.
I'm thinking, 'It really is a small world...' but here's where it gets even stranger. On a privileged (and well received) Friday afternoon, a visiting friend and I journeyed to the storied and yet-to-be-discovered Hippie Hollow. Just what is Hippie Hollow, you ask? I will not scorn you for not clicking here (warning) and instead, naturally, just tell you what it is. It is--and I quote, "a clothing optional" beach.
Now, there are a couple things that come to mind in that short quip of information, the first and most important on an already hot and lazy afternoon, the mere idea of an easy access beach in Austin. The second enticement for this impromptu trip, is the fact I can just walk in and tan the upper two feet of my legs?!, and third perk, cheers!-ing my fellow Fort Worthian friend on our courageous feat.
Maybe I am a little spoiled when I think of beach:

And admittedly, a little uncomfortable when we settle on this:
...nevermind the ahem, handful of naked people hiking aboot.
Now, I've said this about crackheads in scary neighbourhoods: "They don't want me, Molly. They want crack," and I'll venture to guess the same goes for nudists: they want their own crack, all to themselves, and in any case, I have no crack to offer.
What I do have, however, is the opposite of nakedness: that would be great style as I have been complimented by an equal number of strangers for my taste and aesthetic.

Back to Hippie Hollow (but, not anytime soon), fortunately, the patrons are sparse in number (but not necessarily in weight) and more than kind and genuinely friendly.
One of the finer perks being new to Austin (and as a visitor to a nudey 'beach') is being anonymous, or so I thought, as low and behold, I recognize a fellow Fort Worthian, on this Friday afternoon, at this one hot spot in the ATX, at this moment in time.
What is the moral of the story?? I've said it time and again, put your clothes on people!, even if the occasion calls for otherwise and even if it seems a random and insignificant place on Earth. Of all the things to be known for, I write to say nakedness or poor taste when clothing is optional, just won't work.

These are the clothes I'd like to see you in.

*Note: No, Mother. No Fort Worthian's got naked on this trip.


Free My Love

I sooo do not want to do this. No, not blog. I do not want to write to tell you I am letting go of not one, but two of my favourite shirts. Releasing this information to you is what's going to get me out the door and off to Goodwill.
But it's ok. I've adopted a few upgrades through the years, including two DVF vintage pieces(seen at both ends) and an awesome reversible Volcom I picked up in Malibu this last vacation, any of which are excellent go-to's.

The Volcom (third from left) has to be one of my favourite pieces ever; 1. it's reversible--two completely different looks and effects in one.

2. The fact that it is reversible means any which way you expose the other side, allows the shirt that many more dimensions. Rolling the sleeves (as shown), buttoned vs. unbuttoned, tucked vs. untucked; I realize I am stating many obvious ways one can sport their wear, but there are not a lot of pieces that still accomplish a put together look--just by putting it on!

I should add I have practically lived in these tops this entire spring season. Shorts. Tights. Running shorts. Yep, that's about it. And many heads have turned. The trick, thus far, is in the accessories, which I have paired the aforementioned with any number of the items seen below.

Excuse me while I kiss the screen. Ijustlove'emsomuch!
Clockwise: Vintage Lucite clutch, Madeline Stuart Low heel, Vintage gold speckle irregular bracelet, black leather belt w/ tortoise spacers.

My favourite line in Sex & the City, The Movie, is when Carrie unveils the dress she "will marry Big in." When her audience is less than thrilled, her response, "Oh, I'm gonna merch-andise it up--styyle it up with some shoes."

The simplest, and often times most flattering, best double-duty option is in the shoes. Why? You have to wear shoes (or not you, Sus); you at least have to wear shoes to receive service and appropriate attention. Why not wear contemporary, comfortable, fashionable shoes which exercise and elongate the leg? Any range of the wedge is money this season: one inch and up, a stacked platform, closed or open-toe, designers have created many beautiful options this season to easily kick up your step.

Pick up on unique attributes such as hardware, luxe textiles, or shiny patent leather...should one even imagine if all of this can be rolled into one?!

As for the rest of your hardware, consider your accessories fair game: there need not be a special occasion to display something you have set aside. Short jaunts to the grocery store, errands about town, picking up the kids from school; each are opportunities to get comfortable with your accoutrements and exercise normal wear and tear. Besides, favourites rarely remain so left on a hanger or dresser top.
Now, get out there and free the love!