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"L O L O L O, white America..."  --Kanye West

Maybe not the best way for PCD to get the whole world's attention, but if you know that song, Kanye West, and PCD, attention getting isn't what we came here to do.  Well, strictly white America attention getting, that is.  
Since I haven't been here in a while, I have a lot of catching up to do as much has happened in the entertainment world.  
Some time ago, the 'entertainment world' was owned, run and referenced entirely to celebrities.  Yes, social-celeb-utants are still amongst us delegating the who's-what's-and-when's of style, incessantly trailed by papparazzi and the demanding public eye.  We will always crave and look to what most of us can't have, but I am here to say, it's people like you, me and Kanye West who wish to make it that much more accessable.
I once had a conversation with my Aunt Nora, a seasoned, long-time seamstress located in Fort Worth who first introduced and later taught me how to sew.  Long before I picked up a needle and thread, I was always excited to visit Nora in her high-end, specialty boutique to see the newest local fads and hear stories of who brought in what.  Often times, clients would leave price tags on the garments, and don't you know, this encouraged more storytelling, if not judgement for the ol' "You paid that much for that?!"  Later, there was a point of recognition--the ol' "I can make that." notion that lead me to try my hand at making, which is where the aforementioned exchange was made.  

I explained my interest in creating pieces of quality, affordability and uniqueness emphasizing the importance of "different."  She wasn't as moved by my admission of interest as I'd hoped and honestly didn't offer up much encouragement, but did say "Yeah.  It's all been done before."  
I remember feeling dejected, defeated, and completely wasted as I had not even begun and was already being shut down!  
I don't remember defending myself with a finite explanation of what would make me different, but do know now that anymore, we all need one.  It doesn't have to be verbalized or even well received, but does have to be entirely realized by the bearer in order to be recognized as not "been done before."  
That's what makes today's entertainment work:  Pinterest, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter all have set out to pave and engage a course all their own and have more than succeeded.  They've revolutionized.  
Keep in mind, your entertainment doesn't have to be on such a grand scale.  Most often, simply knowing your audience or solving a problem even if it is your own, aids others in doing the same.  
Check out my current modus operandi of said resources for tips to revolutionize--or at least aid in your own revolution.


Postscript:  I wrote that early in the week but was unsure how to end it, or if it was even worth posting, so I had to walk away.  Oddly enough, I walked right into this song.  
Everything's Been Done Before



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  1. That ASOS Diamond Print Vest was ah-mazing!

    Glad you are writing again!